Complete one form for each player registering regardless how payment is made.  Those using US Postal Service or Canada Post please include your cheque with form (s). Complete form, then Mail, Fax or e-mail information requested to or to address listed below. See the "Special Note" below. 

No Partner is required for Progressive but Partners requires 2 players per team.

When faxing please call before you fax to 519 337 0843 as this line is shared between fax and voice calls.

Please Print - Mail in payments (Checks) must be rec'd by May 1, 2017 (for clearing purposes). PayPal & Credit Cards: up to and including May 4, 2017. Seventy $70.00 (Can) $55.00 USD per person (Both Tournaments). Single entry fee for Progressive or Partners is $35.00 CAN each thru (PayPal) (Credit Card). Mail in Checks US Players ($30.00) USD. Please register all player that are playing. To e-mail information, put all info requested to the body of your e-mail for each players and e-mail to Ernie Aitchison

Here is an example No. of Players (_6__), Prog.(____) Partners (____) or both (__6 max__) ($_4200.00) (Paid in Full) / Deposit : $ _______.00 ($20.00 minimum) Per Person

Payment for No. of Players (____), Prog.(____) Partners (____) or both (____) ($_____.00) Deposit : $_______.00 ($20.00 minimum) Per Person

Single entry is $35.00 (PayPal) Multiple Entry Fees is available for up to 6 players playing in both tournaments. Fill in appropriate blank spaces above in (Brackets), then send info requested to Ernie Aitchison below for each player(s) registering. American players playing single onlty (Prog or Prts) paying by Check, entry fee for one entry is $28.00 USD. A Minimum deposit of $20.00 is requested for all entries.

Single entries for Progressive can be handled thru Pay Pal or Credit Card (Single or Double Entries) 1 or 2 Players - Option 5 & 6

First Name: ______________________________________________________ (Please Print Clearly)

Last Name: ______________________________________________________ 

Address 1: _______________________________________________________

Address 2: _______________________________________________________

City_________________________________________ Province/State: _______

Postal / ZIP Code: __________________  E-mail: ________________________

Note: Entry Fees paid are transferred from PayPal to the Great Canadian Euchre Challenge account at Scotiabank here in Sarnia.

PayPal and Credit Cards can use the multiple pay system. Choose the amount or number of entries you are paying for.

This will be processed thu PayPal unles a credit card is selected.


Special Note: Please use the address listed below!

Personal cheques will be accepted and must arrive to Ernie Aitchison before May 1st/2017, PayPal & Credit Cards: up to May 4, 2017.

Make cheques Payable to G.C.E.C. and send to address below.

Registration forms, mail in, Fax in or e-mailed in, information is requested for all players registered. For late registers bring a completed Registration Form as above.

US Postal Service / Canada Post /

Registration Form:" Send To G.C.E.C. 1490 LaSalle Line, St. Clair TWSP Ontario, N7T 7H5

Fax Line: as this line is shared between fax and voice calls please call (519) 337 0843) in advance to ensure line is free and available

Register Via E-mail: Send to Ernie Aitchison Include all players in your party registering with information as requested, First Last Names, mailing address, an email that players can be contacted phone number in the body of an e-mail. Please include all information requested! All players (in your group) registering can be included in one e-mail.

PayPal, Credit Cards Registration fee ($70.00) Can, US Players mailing a Check. Registration is $55.00 USD entry for 1 person both tournaments, single player for Progressive only is $35.00. Simgle Player US Players mail in $30.00 USD. Final exchange rate will be set April 5, 2017

Pro Rated system of total players, Both Tournaments prize money posted are based on 100 players, plus or minus is pro rated and is applied to all prize money including the "Perfect Lone Hand" by percentage.

Not Covered is players lunch, supper and refreshments both (lunch and Supper) may be available at a nominal cost. Will post this information closer to the tournament date.

All other costs to put on Tournament comes from the registration or entry fees.

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