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Euchre Tournament Prizes and Pay Outs based on 100 Players, or less Pro rated

Entry Fee is $70.00 per person which includes both Progressive (12 Games) and Partners (10 Games).

Based on 100 players Progressive Prize entry fees = Both Progessive and Partners are pro rated for all prizes listed. Also Awards for Most Lone Hands and High Single game some restrictions apply. See Maximum Awards allowed (Progressive) below.

Partners Tournament 10 games, Cash Awards for Teams finishing 1st thru 5th. Only top 4 teams qualify for double elimination rounds. Partner Payouts listed below as well as the Double Elimination Playoff Format and its Awards..

Progressive Tournament Total Prize Money $3050.00 Prorated

Partners Tournament Total Prize Money Prorated

Progressive Tournaments Friday May 5th PAYOUTS!

All amounts are Per Player.

1st - $700.00 2nd - $600.00 3rd - $400.00 4th - $300.00 5th - $200.00 6th - $150.00 7th - $100.00 8th - $100.00

9th - $100.00 10th - $100.00

Most Lone Hands and High Game in the Progressive set - $150.00 each.

1st place cannot win a secondary prize award nor can the Most Lone hands and High Game go to the same person

Maximum Awards allowed (Progressive) A player may only combine one other award (High Game or Lone Hands) when finishing 2nd, or any other lower position. Players may only win either Most Lone Hands or High Game, not both. A draw will determine prize when one player has both. First place in Progressive Tournaments will win 1st place money only, no secondary awards.

NOTE: In the event of ties prize awards are combined and then split.


After two (2) five (5) game sets of partners play, the top 4 teams qualify to play in a double elimination playoffs. In determining final positions it is the team with the most wins. Points earned in all games are used to break ties when (two) 2 or more teams have the same winning records.

(Teams) 1st - $700.00 2nd - $500.00 3rd - $400.00 4th - $200.00. 5th $100.00. After two five (5) game sets of partners play, the top 8 teams move on to play a double elimination playoffs.

Partners Tournament - 10 games with top 4 teams qualify to Advance

In the Double Elimination Playoff, a team which looses its 2nd game, that team is now eliminated. In the 1st round of elimination team 1 vs team 4, tean 2 vs team 3, The higher placed seed has its choice of seats N-S or E-W

1st Jack deals 1st in all new rounds.

In the 2nd and subsequent rounds, matchup will be higher placed seed vs lowest placed seed. Double elimination.

3rd Round will be the last teams remaining.

1st place after Double Elimination - Per Team $700.00 2nd place $400.00

There is NO high game or most lone hands in the Partners tournament. If perfect lone hand has yet to be won it still may be claimed under conditions for that award.

PerfectPerfect Lone Hand Award (Any Suit)

Two $100.00 Awards - Cost / $2.00 per Player (Pro Rated)

A Major Award will be the Perfect Lone Hand prize which will be paid to the 1st & 2nd recorded Perfect lone hand in tournament play. $100.00 each (entered) players who record a Perfect Lone Hand in Tournament play. This award applies only to those who have paid the $2.00 entry fee. This Perfect Lone Hand award is a separate prize and is only paid once to any one player. The player who wins the 1st Perfect hand award cannot win that award a 2nd time. See NOTE below In order to win this award you must make trump and have the Right Bower, Left Bower, Ace, King and Queen of the same suit or should you be the dealer you must make trump and have these cards after your discard in order to be considered as a Perfect Lone Hand. The TD must be called over to your table to verify your Perfect Lone Hand. If two perfect lone hands are called at same time those players' scorecard will determine which winner was 1st. If perfect lone hand award remains unclaimed after completing first Progressive Tournaments it will carry over to the next day in the "Classic Tens" Partners Tournament.

NOTE: Should only 1 (one) or no perfect lone hand is recorded in both tournaments the $100.00 or $200.00 remaing is payable to Branch 62 if not won or claimed.


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