Wednesday Night Euchre 2065, 2017 and Tournaments
Payouts and Splits

        a) 5 points -- for Lone Hand (Maker)   4 points to partner of Lone Hand
        b) 3 points -- to opponents for euchre of Lone Hand
        c) 2 points -- 5 tricks taken in
        d) 1 point  -- 3- 4 tricks taken in
        e) 2 points -- if euchred (regular 4 players)

 Prize Awards all tables                                                                         All Ties

    1. 1st Prize Highest score         --  $3.50 per entry       1st 2nd 3rd 4th  5th                      
    2. 2nd Prize 2nd Highest score  --  $2.00 per entry       L/Hands // H/Game
    3. 3rd Prize 3rd  Highest Score  --  $1.25 per entry    combined & split equal                                                
    4. 4th Prize  4th Highest Score  --  $1.00 per entry
    5. 5th Prize  5th Highest Score  --  $0.75 per entry
    6. Prize High Game (1) Game -- $0.75 per entry
    7. Prize Most Lone Hands       --  $0.75 per entry

Note: Above is for any number of tables

1st cannot be combined with any other award.  2nd thru 5th can be combined with either High Game or Most Lone Hands.  Players cannot win both High Game and Most Lone Hands.
If they have both of these high game or most lone hands a card must be drawn to determine what they have won.  Players CANNOT call the award they would like.

Perfect Lone Hand / Voluntary Pot

This is a progressive pot meaning it grows weekly depending how many play each week.  
Winning: Pot 75 % to any registered player who has a Perfect Lone Hand in Wednesday Night Euchre.  Lone Hand must be verified, in the event of multiple winners on any given night the total prize money (75%) will be shared equally between winners.

Winning 75% - Restrictions Not applicable in Tournament Play Set amounts in Tournaments
A player will qualify to be eligible to win 75% when he has signed in and paid a minimum of 4 weeks.  Below is what you are eligible with less than 4 weeks
                        Max Win
1st time entry - $20.00
2nd entry        - $20.00
3rd entry         - $30.00
4th or more      75% of total pot SPLITS - Equal share of pot when 2 or more players win. 

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